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Full Version: Coolest looking uncustomized MFB
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This keeps poping into my head so i made a thread about it.

Which uncustomized MFB do you think looks the coolest? Answer the poll but please post some reasonas to why you picked that bey.

I think its got to be Hell Kerbecs because the top half is all gold, and the black and gold go really well together.
If I recall correctly, there is a topic about the best looking Beyblades.
Sorry... I could'nt find one before (someone close this!!!).
Hell Kerbecs, look soo exclusive and expensive, yet also quite strong even unmodified. I rather see it come on silver or gun metal.
Personally, I think Quetzalcoatl looks pretty epic.
Woudn't this be Favourite MFB.
My favourite bey style yould be Rock Girrafe. It just looks very nice and the stickers on the metal wheel combined with the R145 looks very nice. I also like the flames on the clear wheel. Killer Gemios also looks very nice because its made with the primary colours, black and silver.
Tornado Herculeo 105 F, IMO, Best looking bey.

It has orange color which looks the best and the design of tornado is awesome.
How come I was the only one to vote for Meteo L-Drago? The white "clear" wheel looks great and along with the red rubber it is amazing. The jagged look of LF and Meteo are cool too.
I like Meteo L Drago! Other than that, Vulcan Horuseus is awesome! Also, Quetz is good looking.
One more thing, we have a similar thread.... This will be closed. Still, I gave my opinion....