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Full Version: general discussion about Japan disaster and how you feel.
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Well I don't know if this is in the right spot or not in any case please don't close. I'm not Japanese, but with the little time i spent there it felt like home feeling i uassually don't expirence well i only felt it in japan (not trying to say any thing offensive to the us because i live there,but my house here never felt like home). Any way I just wanted to know people's thoughts on this. When I first heard what happened I was so heart broken I didn't know how to react so I tried to go on as uasual which didn't work well by the way because people around me thought I was not caring at all which got anoying and i had to say how i really felt; when I heard about the aftershocks and the tsunami(actually just means tidal wave no matter what people think and use it for learn japanese). well I wanted to help now after the resent after shock I wish I could sneak over there and help. I even know someone who lives in Japan and when I recieved his reply he said he was ok now though he could barely move during the earth quake and he asked us to pray for the victims and he also said that it was the bigest earth quake he ever experienced in his life and that the earth quake hit several hundred miles from the area he was in so there was minimal damage to his area; he also said that there was some good news from the area.
I said alot of information from the email and I was glad to read the email. PLease post your thoughts.

I know I mentioned prayer, but if you don't believe in prayer and feel to help out Japan please do so there are several charities to donate. I even wanted to donate my college fund to help out Japan, but when i asked one of my parents(I'm 14 by the way). they said no and i was only allowed to donate from my wallet so i said that i would if i could donate my college fund and they still said no and I'm waiting to see how that works out. The amount you donate doesn't matter'but i just wanted to help more. I wish to move there some day so natuarlly that thought came across. Any way just discuss what you think about the 2011 earth quake and tsunami.
all topics about what happen to japan will be closed,but i expect Roan will not make another general discussion on the Off-topic forum,so this may go on
thank you I'm glad to here that there is a chance this thread may continue