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Full Version: what are your school dances like and do you like them or hate them
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hey nobody did a forum like this so ya im starting one

so my school dances are alright. it gets really creepy with girls club dancing and all that plus they dont have many good songs. oh ya can you beleive this no slow dances except at our valentines day dance. so ya. but we have this fun one called fun fest there is games and dancing its cool but this was my first one and it stunk. ia sked someone and was told no but that is a different story.

what are your dances like good or bad and give a reason like i didEee
i dont like them at all.
there are only 2 good dances at my school, homecoming and turn about. the other ones are whack haha
whats your aim?
I really don't want to hear the sounds of third-rate R&B/Dance music where the singer pulls a fake Puerto-Rican accent. I have no clue why people get a mood to dance from that garbage. So I don't attend these dances. (At least one of them had that carp playing for about an hour)
Oo highschool and middle school those were the days :p
Mines were quite fun in highschool. Homecomming and Prom

But I heard the years after I left high school (2 years ago) my old school became whack.

They leave the lights on now and walk through with flash lights making sure people don't get to close. And if you do they kick you out or something...


But that's why I go clubbing now haahha no restrictions lol
My school dances are kinda like a club. We hang around, some dance, others talk. There are also 5-7 teachers to keep things in order. The lights are low, curtains drawn and a DJ. Also most of the teachers dont care what we do. Like at the last one, our assistant principal walk right by a group of people kissing! She didnt say anything. Also we have a dance a month. I like it this way. Its a lot of fun!
This is from 6th grade
It was fun But I Only went to the last one Because I'm not that Kind of guy Who parties a lot. Basically We danced in Groups And see who has the best moves! Then they Cheer you on.
Mine suck except valentines and homecoming. You have to pay ten bucks and valentines was Friday two weeks before valentines. We always dance to Justin beiber and what not, except for when we win homecoming agains Carnage, then we dance to epic rock
My school dances its a bunch of pop music and people making fun of other people dancing
Which can be fun and boring
Overall I don't like them
At my school we have a DJ in the gym with the lights off. The only light in the gym comes from the DJ table. Some people dance, others sit on the bleachers and talk. We have one every quarter (four a year) One time my friend grabbed my hands and made me dance. She was laughing after that Tired In the cafeteria we have GH: World Tour on a giant TV, a snack bar with candy, popcorn and snow-cones. WE also have ping-pong, Foosball, and PS2.
Not really much. Actually they stopped doing 'em cause there was a huge fight.

To elaborate, I though they were cool, the lights were dim, there was a DJ, that guy rocked.

Strobe kind lights from the DJ Remix Table, bleachers, and concession stands.

Like them.
All mine are always involving some kind of formal and love theme. AND THEY HAPPEN LIKE EVERY MONTH! And its not prom cuz i'm in middle school. BUT ITS EXACTLY LIKE THAT! And during one last year, there was some fight or something. I wasn't there so i don't know much but the people who were there are supposed to keep it a secret. If they don't, They get suspended or something. So i don't even ask. AND THIS WAS ON VALENTINES DAY!!! But they still have dances. Weird right?
I'm sure I'd enjoy my school's dances if I wasn't the one helping to organize them.