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Full Version: Starcraft 2
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OMG. Does anyone have any clue when SC2 is being released? I heard it was suppsed to be out last February 3 and then December 3 and now I hear it is supposed to come out at the beginning of summer. SC is awesome. And SC2 looks like its going to become awesome.
Yeah it does but I think Age of Mythology is better =)
it's blizzard, so i'm going to say "the day before never"
(Feb. 07, 2009  12:34 AM)Bey Brad Wrote: [ -> ]it's blizzard, so i'm going to say "the day before never"

Blizzard even started advertisements for starcraft ghost and then decided not to release it. I think the longest they've announced a game ahead of it's actual release was something like 5 years. =S
OMG. This sucks foo!. I am getting so unpatient.