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Full Version: [Nanuet,NY 5/7/11] G.T.B: Gym Tan Beyblade
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Here it is bladers! The second tournament hosted by me, TheBeydude5 in NY. Thanks again to the bladers who joined April Showers brings Metal Masters

Location-ToyWiz directions
Date- May 7th 2011
Time- 2pm

Fee- $8

each beybattle will be best 3 out of 5
3 blocks with 4-6 bladers each (depending on the turnout)
The top blader based on wins from each block moves on to the finals
3 person round robin in the finals
in case of a tie in the blocks, the tied bladers battle it out in a best 2 out of 3 beybattle

Hope you join the Tournament! There will be prizes! Bring your Takara Tomy stadiums!!!

People coming:
How about getting it approved, doing three victories out of five battles, making the entry fee five dollars, making sure that you have a few official BeyStadiums, and not allow banned members to participate ?

Otherwise, I really cannot continue to allow you to promote these unapproved events here ... Hopefully you can understand.
im charging 8 bucks for the store fee and to cover my expenses. also i dont want an official event so why cant i do this?

Also, if you made an effort to get this one approved (we will be more alert, as personally my university semester ends soon), I could try to talk with the 'president' of Toywiz to arrange something better.

Until then, I have to close this topic.