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Full Version: Buying uriel 2 and ocean wrath g or poseidon
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i got an offer for 30usd plus registered air mail..
i'm back in plastics.. XD
Updated my list.. Smile
Updated the OP..crossed out Draciel V2, Dragoon S, Wolborg 2, Dranzer S..thanks..still taking offer...
check my selling and traing thread too for trade with MFB parts..
crossed out things i have..and added some things in the list..
Note:i'm not gonna pay expensive on Dragoon F and Draciel F since they are worthless..
I want Trygle AR to make Cyber Dranzer..and any Dranzer BB..Preferably Dranzer V2 BB + SP...
with stickers please..
i want to make as many cyber dranzer ican.. Wink
sell on
small update..crossed out the things i recently won from YJA..
dunno how much u'd like to offer for gigas + sniper
but at least i could get u a NIB / mint sniper in advance
for gigas, i also hv one place to get it, but not sure if it's still for sale
i'll check soon.

pm me offer if u r interested
Bump..updated with the one i bought recently and added some new..
bump.. Smile
Bump...still looking Poseidon/Ocean Wrath G
Need a cheap Flame Pegasus for repaint job...i want to make a Thunder Pegasus.. Eee
Any condition..i dont care a damn about worn or peeled long as no dent, cracks, or even scratches...
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