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Full Version: looking 4 stuff
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I have been looking for certain things so i thought i might as well trade some of my gear. Right now i can only trade to people in the U.S. so if u have anything i want pm me and we will discuss the trading matters. Post any questions on this thread.

Here is what i have:
Meteo L Drago
Galaxy Pegasus
Rock Scorpio
3 Segment Launcher Grip
Beylauncher L
digital shooter (l drago ver.)
2 red launchers
2 blue launchers
2 yellow launchers
6 tools
flame wheel, 2 storm wheels, red lightning wheel, and dark wheel
here is a link for every thing im selling:
flame libra
earth aquila
Any of the Dark Series
if i misspelled something let me know and i will fix it.

you never said what "certain things" you want...
ill give u stuff that i have if u tell me wut u want
(Mar. 31, 2011  4:28 AM)trumpetblade Wrote: [ -> ]you never said what "certain things" you want...


(Mar. 31, 2011  4:23 AM)stormbringer123 Wrote: [ -> ]HERE IS WHAT I NEED:
angle coumpus
flame libra
earth aqualia
Cyber Pegasus

Also are you speaking of Cyber Pegasus from the game, or Legend Cyber Pegasus? I'm interested in that 3 segment launcher grip, and I have a brand new Legend Cyber Pegasus, and brand new Flame Libra.
Im talking about the one frome the game. and TheMrBlade10. it says in the opening that i need flame libra and earth eagle. but right now i realy need a beypointer. so if anyone has one let me know
OP Updated. I sm now adding Galaxy Pegasus and L drago digital launcher. Right now im looking for cyber dragoon, galeon, or any of the digital shooters from the classic beyblade show.
Bump. Not looking 4 a electric shooter from the plastic generation. but know im offering salamalyon and A-Wing
u spelled segment wrong
yeah i don't see your digital power launcher.
also it looks like your a person who buys hasbro products so why not just buy flame libra/ earth eagle / cyber pegasis instead of trading?
thanks. OP changed. I will add picture of the digital launcher tomarow. And the reason i dont go out and buy those beys is because i dont and wont have ann money for a while.
and u spelled lightning wrong too. lol
and earth aquila
I have individual parts from the Beyblades you're looking for. That is, if your interested.
I've got a Dark Driger coming next month. PM if you're interested.
I need a segment launcher grip so is there anything else you want?
(Jul. 30, 2011  6:12 PM)Rayperseus2 Wrote: [ -> ]I need a segment launcher grip so is there anything else you want?
im kinda looking for plastic generation beys.