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hey if you come to Toronto I can help organize a tournament no problem Smile
I wanna come but if i cant do you think you can maybe bring a tournament to Austin texas there is hardly a tournament here
How old do you need to be to be on the van?
When are you going to do this? I will have 12 days off from work in December.
I might go.
i wish i hade the chance to come but i live in aus
is it coming to CT?
Cool, this is fun. I think it would be possible for me to go, but the problem is that my mom has a problem with trusting people. Im not saying I dont trust you, Im saying that she cares about me and just needs some approval from you.
She most likely won't be able to do this. That's probably why she hasn't been posting in this thread.
I might come for Raleigh! Will that be on a weekday?
Stop through my state and say Hello :V
I don't think its going to happen lol, I didn't quite hear any more details on it, but I'm still hoping something like this could happen, I don't think I'll be around anymore after next year who knows.
Gonna be 15 in a year, my parents wont give a carp where I go as long as I'm with someone pretty responsible.

Free Candy? Win!

Put me as a maybe
can you pick me up on the way im in graham north carolina and we have a nice cheap hotel nearby for u to stay and i might be able to pay for u

im a maybe
Awsome, this is a great idea
Lol... this sounds so amazing... I wish I can come so much!
Yeeeeah, this would have been really cool, but unfortunately, something unexpected came up in my life that prevented this from happening.
Unhappy i woulda been down to come! next summer if youd like to revive this id be done to go and take a driving shift as well. Pm me!
Can you do one in Atlanta, Georgia? I really wanna go!!!!!!!
She said she can't do it. Don't post on this thread.
Locking this as requested by thread starter.
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