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Full Version: Kai Hiwatari fans enter!
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I personally like both Kai's Japanese and English voices. They sound cool in their own ways. As for the espanol latino dub, it's not bad at all. I have not yet compared his castellano voice to this one so it will be interesting to see which of the two Spanish voices sound the best for his character. Regarding the other voices I have heard for Kai, I do not mind his German, Welsh or Italian ones either.
I really don`t recommend you the spanish (spain) voice, example:

The voice of Daichi is like the voice of an young ADULT.

I live some time in Spain and I know the differences beetwen latin spanish and spanish, In spanish (spain) they make a "seseo" is like remark the "s"
In the English version, Daichi's voice actually fit in.
I'm a big fan of Kai. Kinda wish they had brought them all back for metal fusion. Even though there's a female kenny
Also a huge Kai fan, I must admit I miss him. I feel that his character development could have gone further, but then again, new characters are needed to keep the franchise going I suppose. though I wouldn't complain if they brought the old gang back Joyful_3
kai is cool but showoff i still like him
I like either Tyson or Kai <33
Yahh im not a girl but suure im a fanboy Smile
to solve who voice is better is by a contest ryuga vs kai in(eglish voice).
What?? That confused me...
: Gasp Another fanboy!? So i'm not alone in this world!! Smile
I'm a fanboy of Kai and his blade Dranzer for the win! Grin
First, this thread is revived after a period of three years, and then re-revived (Tongue_out) after a year.... :\

- Even if Kai's English voice wasn't great; Ryuga doesn't even come close to it...

Well, as this thread has been revived anyway-
Even I am a huge Kai fan! I've always liked all of his battles, and also his character. Dranzer(all the beys as a whole) has also been my favorite, probably due to its beautiful colors.
Another reason for Kai being my favorite is that he never had to act funny to gain attention (unlike Tyson)...
(Nov. 13, 2012  2:36 AM)Starlight25 Wrote: [ -> ]I'm a fanboy of Kai and his blade Dranzer for the win! Grin

Gasp We should start a club Pinching_eyes_2

: I figured you like Kai... I've only ever seen you have an avatar of him XD
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