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Full Version: [BUYING] Draciel v2, Wolborg MS, Dark Leopard MS, Flash Leopard
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The title says it all recently purchased a Dranzer MS, Dragoon V2, Dranzer V2, and now I'm back for the following blades pm me if you have these blades so we may converse!
Trumpetblader has draciel V2 I believe.
I have a Draciel V2, photos are up on my selling thread. Also have a mint Wolborg MS i may let go of for the right price.
Hey dude, i'm selling at the moment a Dark Leopard MS (with CDW of Jiraya MS).
Here is the thread

Read the rules and give an offer (:
I've got a flash leopard for sale. Pm me.
Hey man, I'm not sure whether or not you were able to get your hands on the Draciel V2 or Wolborg MS but I'm selling both in my thread. Send me a PM if your interested Wink

Full list of items for sale