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Full Version: Car Purchase Consulation
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This is a thread strictly for advice on cars to buy. Not just random car experience or chat. Same rules apply from the beyblade purchase consolation. Please have some knowledge or Expert knowledge about cars. So for me example here is mine:

I'm looking to get a Nissan and I'm deciding between a 240sx and 180sx. This will be my first car, plan to highly modify and tune it. Making it last for 10+ years. Which year 180sx should I get and where is a good place to get parts for it other than Password JDM. Thanks
Considering this is a forum about tops, you know... where kids visit. I don't think we really need it. I think there is a topic about cars. You could probably just ask this there. Or even the Random Thoughts.
get 240 sx it looks better IMO and i had it in midnight club and it looks sxc Tongue_out
^Dude, this is real life. It has almost nothing to do with a game. T_T

But yeah, you could just use the current Cars thread or actually go ask for expert advice online and not on a Beyblade forum.