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Full Version: LOL stuff on the internet
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in this thread just post what you find on the web which makes you LOL

(sorry if there is already a thread like this)
Cool, but if this is aimed at videos, then there is one.
Hmm... I saw this bunny running like 85!
yeah videos pictures anything also it would be better if you gave a link
i LOLed at that for shure
(Mar. 22, 2011  10:19 PM)MEECH Wrote: [ -> ]i LOLed at that for shure

It wasn't suppose to be funny. I was trying to tell you something...
(Mar. 22, 2011  10:18 PM)Nano Wrote: [ -> ][Image: THREAD-CREATOR-Y-U-NO-CONTRIBUTE.jpg?ima...ame=Y-U-NO]

Nano wins the thread.
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