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Full Version: Burn Orso WA130MF
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This Combo Is An Great Stamina Combo That Is Very Balanced And Has Its Goods And Its Bads
So If You like the sound of it.

Lemme Know Your views!!
I wouldn't call this a stamina combo. Only one part in it has any use in stamina. Also when I tried Orso it did quite bad for stamina. Another thing is that you need to post results or this will definatly be closed.
Thank You Dr. Killjoy For doing your job
Actually our jobs to tell you this will be closed soon. Don't start a thread without testing the combo and giving results.
He's not being a killjoy, he's stating a fact. If you're going to post a combo, you should also post tests related to the combo to show how well it runs, such as win-rate against top tier or high tier combos. If you're going to call him a killjoy, then you're only admitting that you're not willing to listen to others.

Don't post a combo that's based on your own opinion.
umm if you say so.... Moving On from an akward situation soz