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Full Version: Charity Beyblade Competition Singapore
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Charity Beyblade Competition Singapore

I would like to hold this thread because I want Bladers and Non-Bladers to have fun and help charity.

This is not ready as I need to find location, no. Of people coming, and when to host this competition.

Things to write in this thread.

1) Your opinions and discussions

2) Mail me if you have any questions

Steps to do to enter in the competition.

1) Pay 2 SGD to enter on the day held.

2) Bring at least three beys (No fakes please).

3) Write your name on the list so we know who should vs. whom on the day of the competition.


1) Hopefully bring a stadium for you to practice. We might use your MFB stadiums for this competition if we have many coming.

2) Winners get special prizes.

3) Bey Passports are not valid because we need the money for charity
What charity specifically? Unfortunately this wont be a WBO sanctioned event, I don't think.
Good cause (whatever it is as you did not specify it), but as Dan wrote, if you do not want to get your event approved then I will close this.