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Full Version: What's your most Memorable battle?
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I'll never forget my first. It was back when Beyblade just hit the U.S. and Me and my best bud were so obsessed with those tops that we bought one almost every single day. It was before I had even a hasbro stadium and launched my beys on a plastic tub lid. My friend had stayed the night and she wanted to battle me, claiming that her Driger would destroy my Dranzer. (She had a Driger F and I had my Dranzer S )

Of course I took her on, nobody smack talks my Dranzer xD We did a best of three and it was all going good and we were having a blast until, no lie, her Driger hit a bump in the plastic, smashed against my Dranzer and split the attack ring in half, sending it flying past my face and leaving a small cut across my cheek. I couldn't stop laughing, it was unbelievable. It was just like in the cartoon. Ever since then, I fought her only using Dranzer and she fought with only her one Driger ( we even pretended to be Kai and Ray during the battles )

Best battle ever.
Lets be honest, that moment of broken dranzer, cut cheek is straight from the anime..
Edit: My best friend and I playing in parking lots with our trashy Hasbro Stadium, everyday after school.. Oh, that one time I got a Dragoon S from my friend, it was awesome.. (Faster than my Dranzer, haha.)
Nice thread! First post too! Well me and my friend.... (doesn't have an account here) were playing with the new recent "Super Vortex Set" that we got. Now my knowledge in beyblade has grown so much, but this is when I 1st entered beyblade. So anyways, he got his Storm Pegasus and I had my Lightning L-Drago, and of course we battled. After chanting the "3,2,1.... Let It Rip!" statement I should L-Drago with a sliding shot, of course in that stadium, Rubber has very few obstacles in its way so he created a sliding shot too, at the 4th second of the battle, both L-Drago and Pegasus decided to do one big blast of energy in the next turn on the sliding shot, they hit each other so hard that Pegasis FLEW out of the stadium, luckily for me, I knew something like this would happen so I went 5/6 feet back from the stadium, continuing Pegasis FLEW toward ME, flying 5/6 feet from the stadium, and guess what.... I caught it. Best battle ever.
Belive it or not, It doesn't matter, but, that's what happened (never said it was a deep cut either. Like a thin paper cut. Ex: Try picking up a plastic bey such as Driger F or Dragoon S with your bare hands while spinning. It hurts, man xD ) Also, off topic on my own thread, sorry -_-
We have a topic for "your greatest beybattles".