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Full Version: Rock Orso D125B draft (practically finished)
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Note: This Beyblade was originally released with the Extreme Beystadium. It has since been easier to obtain through Hasbro’s release.

Face: Orso
The Face one this Beyblade depicts Ursa Major, one of the 88 constellations in space.

Clear Wheel: Orso
Weight: 3.87 grams

Orso's original release is a translucent brown, representing the paws of a bear.

Metal Wheel: Rock
Weight: 31.4 grams

Rock has six large protrusions with small, shallow gaps between each one. It also overhangs the Track much like the original Leone Metal Wheel, although to a smaller extent.
Rock is somewhat useful for Smash Attack, and can be used to relative success in conjunction with a Metal Face, due to its high recoil.

Track: Defense 125
Weight: 1.7 grams
Height: 12.5

Defense 125 is similar to 125 and Tornado 125. Apart from the shifts in weight distribution and air resistance, there are few notable differences. The ring serves no significant defensive purposes. The track’s relatively low height prevents the opponent’s Bey from making any sort of consistent contact. D125 is an outclassed track for Stamina and Defense Customizations.

Use in Defense Customization
If you don't have access to competitive Tracks, MF-H Earth Bull D125RS is a decent choice for Defense Customization.

Use in Attack Customization
D125 can be put to use in the top-tier attack combination MF Gravity Perseus D125RF.

Bottom: Ball
Weight: .06 grams

Ball, as its name suggests, is shaped like a ball. This hemispherical shape provides a large area for the Bottom to make contact with the Stadium floor; hence increasing friction and making it more difficult to knockout. B’s shape also makes it likely to stay in the central areas of the Stadium, hence maximizing the customization’s distance from the Stadium exits. Due to its qualities, this bottom makes a decent choice for Defense Customizations. B can be used if WB is not available. However, both have been outclassed by RSF and RS.

Other Versions:
Rock Orso ED145D- BB-75 Deck Entry Set
Rock Orso D125B- Faceoff: Fighting Bear Fury (Painted parts, red)

This Beyblade’s only useful part is D125, which can be obtained in the much more useful Ray Unicorno D125CS. There is little to no reason to purchase this Beyblade aside from collection purposes.
Really this is one of the easiest beyblades to make a draft on and there is a practically finished draft
Nice clear wheel and metal wheel sections [dot] [dot] [dot]
You couldve at least put some effort into this.
Read other drafts (ones with a more completed rock section)

I think for d125, you should put he same customizations as t125 in grand ketos article.
Rock (6 Cylinder Mold) Can Be Used In Tier 2 Attack Customization. Such As MF Rock _______H145/R145 RF.
IMPORTANT: Mold Variations
The three molds Rock has are 0 Cylinders , 3 Cylinders , and 6 Cylinders with ----- grams ------- grams and 32-5 Grams respectively The 0 Cylinder Mold are available from Takara Tomy and SonoKong products, while the 3 and 6 Cylinder Molds are available from both Takara Tomy,SonoKong and Hasbro products. The more Cylinders, the more Recoil. The 6 Cylinder Mold has the most Stamina of the three, due to the weight of the Cylinders carrying the momentum around the outside of the wheel. It is also superior to the other Molds, in terms of attack, and defense.

Mold Variations...................

B has some use in stamina customs such as Hell Bull BD145 B

And Orso definitely doesn't weigh 3.8 grams that is more than TT LDrago and Hasbro Bull
(Mar. 22, 2011  1:58 PM)Aquilaz112 Wrote: [ -> ]And Orso definitely doesn't weigh 3.8 grams that is more than TT LDrago and Hasbro Bull
I weighed it myself, maybe I made a mistake. I'll weigh it again tomorrow.
Nice work, I would put in the beywiki!
This is not finished. Rock is only just 4 lines long.