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Full Version: Beyblade and Character Suggestions
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Talk about your suggestions for new Beys and new Characters and how they fit into the current storyline of Beyblade Metal Fight (they don't have to be part of the current story with relations to the current characters - they could be unknown to the story until you bring them in right now!)

My Character is: Curtis Joe, The Leader of the Canadian WBBA Representative Team "ShadowKlan"
Bey: Revenge Nemesis
Special Attack/Move: Vengeance Scythe Punishment

Description: Curtis always has a New Era Cap on either backwards or wearing it front/normal (in battle, when he wears the cap forward it means Nemesis is in a stamina/calm form - when he twists the cap back he flies into a rage and Nemesis goes into attack form and obliterates the other blader's bey)
Always wearing a black jacket (either a leather skinny-ish one, or a black vested hoodie), Skinny Jeans, and Skate Shoes
His Bey Spirit is VERY strong matching Gingka's - he has a long history with Revenge Nemesis like Gingka has with his beloved Pegasis

Revenge Nemesis has two clear wheels (this is going to be a 4D Bey) one underneath that holds the upper one in place because the upper clear wheel moves in a fan-like fashin (free spinning) so that if a bey tries to attack from above, the clear wheel's blades would slice it up or create strong winds higher so the other bey would be blown away. The Metal Wheel has an outer ring of long blades stretching out like a spiders arms going out or a starfish's legs curling out. The inner Metal Wheel stays stationary because the other metal is free spinning. The spin track is made up of many sharp blades that push wind up when spinning, making the upper clear wheel spin even faster. The tip would be EWF - Eternal Wide Flat (making it a defense/stamina AND Attack bey) Oh yeah, the whole bey is pretty much clear - the "metal" wheel being made up of strong crystals and everything else clear as in to camouflage in with the stadium, until the "Revenge" strikes the other bey and it's all over for the other blader.

Please do make up your own stories and beys because I LOVE hearing suggestions! I'm an artist so I've already made sketches of Nemesis and a whole bunch of other beys Ive come up of!

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