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Full Version: Profesional leage
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Should the wbo make a profesional leage.Like in the shows they could have beyparks,battle bladers, and you form a team like in explosion.I think to enter the leage you have to have a beypointer or or a digital launcher but you could think of other ways they should enter. Please no mean comments cause i have been getting those alot.Go battle bladers.
i think that would be toataly awesome
(Mar. 20, 2011  9:29 PM)Ichiro Wrote: [ -> ]Try asking that here...

If you only have false advice to tell him, then do not post. That does not belong there at all.

maxruehmann, we are only a fan-run organisation, however we already do everything we can, and that includes the Beypoint System, the Face collection and the Quest for Quetz, which in my opinion are a lot better than what you proposed.