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Full Version: Bey Meet up.
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Hey guys.

I know some people had One of these back in Early 2010 it looked Good so I want to have another.

So this is just a Meet up for whoever Wants to come.

This is just to play around talk about Beyblade anything, test Combos, Fun battles just do Whatever.

Im putting a Limit on 10 People since it is Just a Meet up.
This Isnt a Tournament and You will not get beypoints.

Anyone got any Idea's for Dates?
I will hold it Probably in Mentone maybe Essendon if no One can go that far.
I will put an Exact Address and date if we get Enough People.

Ok tell me what you Think Smile[/size][/b]
We do not really want to promote simple meet-ups, especially as new topics. Use another, already existing thread if you really want to.