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Full Version: A DEFENCE Combo
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I don't really have experience with Draciels but how's this combo:

DR: Draciel V
WD: 10 Heavy
GB: Draciel S

This Beyblade as you can see is built for the DEF mode, due to its Heavy Weight Of course.
This AR is awful.
Ok... Any thing else...???
Um ... are you going to ask about changing the AR or anything? You can't leave it as-is. I don't understand why you wanted to use this AR in the first place.
That's what I meant What's a Better suggestion.
Pretty much any AR would be better. Tiger Defenser, War Lion, War Monkey, Upper Dragoon ...
I'll change the DR - How bout Metal Driger I changed it to that.
No, Metal Driger isn't a good choice either ... it has terrible Defense ... :\
OK Thanks !!! Joyful_3
Best bet would be to use either War Monkey or Smash Turtle. The AR's Brad posted are good, too.
OK I think I'll go with Master Draciel. Thanks !!! Joyful_2
This combo with that AR is best to counter Upper Attack, BTW.
Oh... OK Thanks for letting me know Grin