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Full Version: Compiled of mainly Driger parts.
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Okay, this is my first beyblade custom thread, so if you have any comments or suggestions, I'm open to them. Here goes...

AR: Triple Tiger (Driger G)
WD: 10 Wide
SG: Neo Right Spin Gear (preferred to have Dragoon V's non-magnetised core, but lost the entire BB and SG)
BB: Driger V2
SP: Voltex Ape's base ring.

What dya think?
I'd use Tiger Defenser over Triple Tiger and Ten Heavy over Ten Wide.
What's the concept? I could see Compact and Upper being the only ones...
Grey, I'm not really sure. I'm not familiar with the Jargon, and only have limited knockledge of building blades for filling Attack, Defense, Endurance or Balanced requirement, even then, I am not amazingly good at that.

Quickly explain Upper and Compact and I might be able to elaborate on my late, great (or not so great) blade.

Upper is where the blade is usually lower down than the opponent and has lifting spikes that get underneath them and lifts them into the air and throwing them off balance.
Thanks for that, NeoBlader.

The concept of my beyblade was to be able to deal pretty good attacks at the start of the match to wear down the opponent's bey. Then as the oppoent's beyblade slows down, still have more than enough juice to outspin them or rough them into submission, by throwing them off balance or forcing the spin out of them.

However, this beyblade seems like a mixture of the two. looking at the explanations and deducing a theory from it, if I use 10 Wide and Triple Tiger it deals with the initial onslaugh and Upper qualities, and by using the Driger BB/Ape Circle Defence ring SP combo, it supports the compact abilities.