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Full Version: [Sydney, Australia] Bey-Wave! Let it rip...curl
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Man It hasn't stopped Raining here either :Z

Bring Tarp. Tarp is a Lifesaver if you can find some.
But its going to be under a roof anyways.
Oh! Stupid me :X
AndreP is coming to the Burwood Park Tournament

Can't wait, it's my first ever tournament

Don't have a signiture yet but will work on it

See you there
I forgot to mention but my brother would also like to come
good luck everyone XD
taj12, register his own account, or he can only play in the free battles.
hey momiji manju,u dont have to bring a stadium right?to the tournament?
oh ok
No, but anyone with a TT attack/stamina and balance stadium who does would be greatly apprecciated.
Is the entering fee $6 because when I checked the op it didn't say how much it cost to enter.
standard $5
i would like to come, pls and thankyou
good luck everybody!
hey momiji manju can u let paulol into the tournament,he is bigbangblader,noob blader,kyoa leone and my self's friend.
Good Luck guys. Everyone show me videos Smile
Hope everyone has a good time.
I am also looking forward to the footage of the comp.
Goodluck evryone!
Okay it was raining for a bit but stopped and the sun is starting to rise.
Pheww that was close I thought it was going to be cancelled.
Im bringing a fake stadium for free play=)
well is it still on in my area it is raining i am so worried anyways i bet it still be on
Oh sorry can't come there's been a change of plans. Sorry for the hold up Unhappy
Hopefully I'll get to come next time, my bey's not that good enough yet anyway.
wow this was an awsome tournament
even though i lost it was compeletly awsome
conqratz to the guy who came first ( forgot his name) and i hope next with new 4D comign in will have a change on the defence vs stamina lol
it was nearly only defence vs stamina
anyway i had fun
cant wait for the next and for some reoson ONE DAY I WANT TO MAKE A TOURNAMENT but that will be when im older and probably been to 20 tournaments lol
anyway thanks for the epci tournament
EDIT: ANY WAY can we have another tournament maybe in april or may ????
Can EVERYONE that was in MY GROUP/B please send me a PM as to what number they were, thanks Smile
I CAME FIRST ayayayyayayayayyaya and thankyou green and momiji EPIC TOURNERMENT
gg everyone
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