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Full Version: Need help with Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions
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I need help with Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions, I am stuck on The Merchant of Dortor. My men keep getting kill by those wizards and those bow and arrow guys so can anyone help me out please?
The enemy has Archers and Black Mages, who both have ranged attacks and can
hit you from a distance. This means that you'll need to be more aggressive; if
you hang back at a distance, the enemy can keep hitting you from afar!

Since you start on the street and the enemy has the high ground, Archers are
not particularly useful here; they won't have a clear shot with their bows.
On the other hand, Move +1 is a great ability to have as it helps you quickly
close the distance between you and the enemy's ranged attackers.

When one of your characters gets hit with a Black Magick spell, the characters
in adjacent tiles also take damage. There are two ways to avoid this. While
the spell is still charging, you can move the other characters out of the way,
or you can kill the Black Mage charging the spell and stop the attack entirely!
Since the spells do quite a bit of damage, it's great to take out the Black
Mages as soon as you have the chance. They don't have much HP so you can finish
them off easily. (Note that spells can also have a "friendly fire" effect -- if
another enemy is in range of the spell when it goes off, they get hurt too! You
can sometimes use this to your advantage by positioning targeted characters next
to enemy units.) To check when the spell is going to be fired, press the Circle
button when it's your turn, then use the Triangle button to bring up the menu
and choose Turn List.

If you have Black Mages of your own, you can also use these area damage effects
to extend the effective range of your magicks. If the range of your magick is
one tile too short to hit an enemy, you can target the tile directly in front
of the enemy and the magick will still hit the enemy thanks to the area effect.
This is a good tactic for hitting more distant enemies, like you see in this
battle. Just make sure the enemy won't be able to move out of the way before
the magick activates!

Two of the enemy Archers are on the tall building beside where you start. At
the beginning of the battle, Delita and Argath will begin climbing up the
building to attack them. Let Delita and Argath handle those two Archers, and
send at most one other character up the building. The rest of your team
should advance down the street. Take out the Black Mages first since they can
do so much damage.

It's likely that one or more of your characters will get KOed during the
battle. Remember that if the counter over their head goes below 0, you lose
the character permanently. To avoid this, when a character's counter gets low
(0 or 1), use a Phoenix Down on him or her. Even if another attack KOs the
character again right away, the counter will be reset and you've bought yourself
a few more turns to finish the battle.

This is a pretty tough battle. If you don't win at first, try again, or build
up your levels first.
Thank You Brad