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Full Version: [Boston, Canada] Any Bladers coming to AnimeBoston?
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I am attending Anime Boston this year,and I wanted to know if anyone else who was a WBO member was attending,because it seems like I'm the only one Crying

If anyone is attending Anime Boston this year,and is interested in setting up a Beyblade tournament,please contact me at:

Thank you!
Maybe we could organize a Beyblade event in Boston if there are any other Bladers nearby.
Well,hopefully once my plan kicks into action,there should be tons of bladers willing to go.
Unable to go...
It's May 22-24,tickets are 40 dollars right now.If anyone from around the New england area is planning to come,PM me.
I'm possibly going there. I would really love to battle someone other than myself.
If a beyblade tournament get's set up there, I'll come.
I'll tell my cousin. She generally attends Anime Boston. She's not an OMGAMAZING Beyblader, but she was at the World Championships and survived one or two rounds.

If she can find her old Beyblades, I'm sure she'll go. Grin
I iz goin 4 meh b-day! i would <3 do do lots of battles there