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Full Version: Sad/Happy Endings?
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This thread is to discuss whether you prefer happy or sad endings in a story or movie and why.

I'll start...
I personally prefer sad endings because it adds onto the "realistic" aspect. Most writers like to avoid subjects like this in the end of the novel because most people like happy endings. I mean, I personally, would rather read a story that ends tragically over a happy ending. Also, when I say sad endings, I usually associate that with death. Death of a main character, secondary, ect... I just feel like if a story can make me cry, it's enjoyable enough, since it makes me realize what could actually happen in a real life situtation. In real life, not everything ends happily.

Anyone agree with me?
I like happy because id rather read or watch something happy 2 make me happy Grin
personally, nothings perfect. i would sometimes like to favor reality over something that just has this perfect ending.

the only happy endings i like are the insperational, and true.
I'd like happy just because life is already pritty sad... but i also like somthing in the middle somthing more realistic
I like a sad story, Its more exsiting.
This is really subjective to each respective genre, don't you agree?