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Full Version: Coles or Woolworths
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I've heard about (in Australia) that they both reduced their price of milk to 1 litre a dollar. On the news they're saying it's like they're having a war. Which one do you like better? I personally like Woolworth because the have better quality and a toys section.Tongue_out_wink
ummm i think we (my family) shops a coles
woolworths only cause i bought a thermal pisces there
Woolworths. Their original products are much better than Coles', and we get so much free carp from there just because my mom's filipino. =3

And there's always something like a 4 for $5 special for cola.
I actually like Coles better but I usually don't go there and am more of a Woolies person.
(Mar. 16, 2011  8:20 AM)RustyXD Wrote: [ -> ]woolworths only cause i bought a thermal pisces there

what the!!
i sould look around my local wollies
wow i didn't know they sold beyblades
They do sell beyblades... In the small toys section.
These days im lucky to find a poison serpent i see it everywhere :L
Woolies aren't listed as official stockists of beyblades. Coles are, but I've never seen them at any, and I work nightfill at one, so you'd think I'd spot them.
I always wondered why coles never sold the original plastics, they were so popular, it'd be a big boost to anyone carrying them. But, I guess hasbro do their normal thing of either not having enough stock, or restricting supply to increase demand, and coles generally stops stocking lines if it has trouble, from what I've seen.

Also, seeing either supermarket remove successful brands lines and replace them with their own is really getting to me. I can't say anything, they pay my wages, but yeah, you've all seen it.

Our store doesn't stock beyblades on their online ordering, so yeah.