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Full Version: Black Dranzer - Mint - Practically Brand New - (#3)
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I have another black dranzer for sale. It is in immaculate condition. Hasbro Original.

Heres the photobucket link: (Should work, pm if it doesnt)....

[Image: th_DSCF3936.jpg]

This is the 3rd Black Dranzer I have sold on this forum:

The first one sold for £100

The second sold for £90, I only sold this one a week and a half ago.

Heres the ebay link for it:

Im open to offers for it, but please be dont bother with low amounts as the last two have sold for high amounts.

Im located in the UK, But I will ship world wide, just read the ebay listing for the terms.

Im looking for the following beyblades atm:
Dragoon GT
Dranzer GT
Dranzer G
Dragoon MS
Dranzer MS

So Im quite open to a trade/cash exchange i.e 1 of the beyblade and some cash to cover the remaining value.

I can provide more pictures of the beyblade on request. Any questions, just PM me

pm sent