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Full Version: Buying takara zeus and dranzer g gt and ms
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Hey im in the uk and i can only pay by postal order (not aloud to be trusted with paypal lol) so needs to be here in the uk. I want the following:
Takara zeus
dranzer g
dranzer gt
dranzer ms hasbro and maybe dragoon
nib or used aslong as there in good condition. Pm me with offers
i have a used dranzer gt...
While I know that you have asked for a Hasbro version of Dranzer MS, I will say it will be very hard to find one. Especially NIB. But, here is a NIB Sono Kong version of Dranzer MS:
I've got a Dragoon MS if you want it.
(Aug. 08, 2011  9:12 AM)Ultrablader Wrote: [ -> ]I've got a Dragoon MS if you want it.

PM me with an offer on dragoon ms, also if you still have zeus. Thanks
Bump, does any one have a basalt wheel? UK only please