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Full Version: Buying a coat spike
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I an buying or trading for a coat spike at a reasonable price just name your part and if I can give it to you and I dont desperatly need it then its yours ps I doynt have any series 2 beys from mfb exxplosion I only.have.series one mfb from.hasbro
This should be in the buying section.
Moved to [BUYING].
You mean Coat Sharp..?
Hasbro calls it spike; ie. "Ball Spike, Metal Spike, etc."
I have one if your interested, but I guess it'd be a hassle to ship just one part. Its possible, but I'd prefer it if you could buy the entire Ray Unicorno, and I can sell that for $15, not included shipping, Sonokong with LL2.
Just ship it in like a letter or something