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Full Version: A Few Things.....NEED BEYPOINT CARD
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Im looking for:
Attack Stadium (Yes i know AD And OkinawamTS has them....i want to find 'em a used one)
Beypoint Card (Main Want)
Torch Aries
Hyper Aquario
Midnight Bull
Inferno Saggerterio
Rev-Up Launcher
Any TT Stadium (If i cant find a BB-10 cheap)
Any TT Recouloured Parts (CW's Tracks + Tips)

Thanks.....PM Me if you have anything I want.
Im in the UK
Paypal Only
check kregs list
What?....only post if you can sell anything on my want list
What do u mean by spares like parts or accessories and I have midnight bull for $16.20 shipping included
I can buy it from my local store for $10...but they sold-out
Spares: Any parts you dont want that I May want
Wouldn't it be easier for everyone if you listed the spares you are after?
I Guess.....edited
Check ebayor something.!
Bid in 7 miniutes or you loose 5.00$ Torch aries+free shipping
Im in UK an its in 7HRS
Uh it's got at least 7 hours left not minutes...
That seller Dosnt Post to UK
]PM sent
I have these Recolors:
Libra (blue/green)
Cancer (Clear)
Gemios (light blue)
Phoenix (purple)

D125 Green
100 teal
S130 Purple
100 blue

HF purple??
SD purple
WD clear

All this for $15 with $1 shipping to UK. So $16 total.
Unleashed PM Me.....
I have a mint Midnight Bull. PM me if interested.
Anyone got a Beypoint Card? Ill buy it! I NEED ONE!!
Pm Sent
You didnt help....i still need a Beypoint Card
i have no BP card, but i do have torch aries. i will take asy TT bey that hasnt been released by hasbro. buying my wants......
beybladejapan is selling an attack stadium here and on the site:

It's pretty cheap, and he gives a 15% discount code: WBO15 to the first 5 customers.
ATM Im trying to find ne cheaper.......i know i wont but still....