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Full Version: Frozen Garden Cup (Feb 14th, 2009, Central Park)
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Good luck guys. Let us know how it goes.
Good luck guyss
Everyone have fun and have lots of ranked battles! Smile
Enjoy the tournament. Makes me wanna do one here in Toronto before Beyblade War Room.
We've randomized the blocks based on pulling individual bitchips out of a hat. The blocks will be organized as follows:

Block A:

Block B:
Cye Kinomiya

Block C:
White Afi

Each block winner will be determined based on the three point system. Whoever can beat every participant in the block using the three point system, will advance. The finals will also work as such.
Block B looks hard, theres a least one really good player in each block
Only nine people showed up? Boo Unhappy

You guys probably could've done full round robin with only 9 people.
we're in the finals. finalists are bluezee, deikailo and anubis.
What I expected although you just reffered to yourself. And how long will this take dyou think?
Kool, I expected this as well, but Block B I wasn't sure about. Cye and Bluezee must have been an interesting match.
Yeah can't wait to see that, what did everyone use?
Can't wait to hear all the details! Grin
The full results should be out anytime soon....?
1st: Anubis
2nd: Bluezee
3rd: Deikailo

holy carp I'm tired
(Feb. 15, 2009  4:17 AM)Anubis Wrote: [ -> ]1st: Anubis
2nd: Bluezee
3rd: Deikailo

holy carp I'm tired

Faces awarded!
Congrats Anubis, this event must have been a lot of fun. Hope you took a ton of photo and videos for us to see.
shining blaze
ryuki ivanov

you didn't show up and you didn't inform the tournament host

why shouldn't i ban you right now?
Actually I made a mistake, Shining Blaze was on the maybe list. FFX was not. I dunno I still would have appreciated a heads up.
Congratz you guys! It sounds like everything went well.
Can't wait to see the tournament videos Smile
Awesome, can't wait to see vids and stuff if you got any. You won Wink
I won my own prize

Gold Libra and Metallic Green Leone

Also the video is going to kick carp, so as soon as I get my USB ports replaced, I'll start work on it
lmao you kept it for yourself!?
that was fun i dident win but i learned a whole lot
(Feb. 15, 2009  6:30 AM)Bey Brad Wrote: [ -> ]lmao you kept it for yourself!?

I'll probably recycle it later for a prize
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