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Looking for the following:

AR: Dragoon MS
CWD: Dranzer MF (Blue edition) *X2*
Core: Samurai Changer MS with Dranzer MF CWD-P

Cyber Dragoon
AR: Cybernetic Dragon
WD: 10-Wide
SG: Right SG (MG Jumping Version)
BB: SG Jumping Base 2

Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks In Advance,
You need to add a proper prefix.
And also; I doubt anyone will sell different parts from Beyblades to form a Bey. |:
Wait, so you are looking for some sort of Dranzer MF combo?

Yes that's what I'm looking for

If that were to be the case, I'd possibly be willing to buy the entire beyblade.
Well, the parts for the Dranzer MF combo you have will be hard to come buy. Samurai Changer MS (the entire bey) is really hard to find right now. And can be quite expensive. People wouldn't sell parts from HMS beys because they'd make more money by selling the entire thing (if they have it).

Also, I have no idea about plastics. So is the Cyber Dragoon that you're after also a combo version? Or is that list just the uncustomised version's parts?
thats the original cyber dragoon combo .
Thanks, I have no idea what plastic parts are called.
I have only one cyber dragoon left. It's 21.99 pounds exclude shipping on ebay. But it will be 21.99 pounds includding shipping here Smile

I am highly interested into the Cyber Dragoon. Mind giving me more information on how the transaction works on here?
First of all, activate your pm...I can't pm you to send you my paypal account.

Or, you can pm me to ask me my paypal account. I will ship your item depending on your paypal address, so please check your address before sending payment.

It's very simple to do transaction here. You can click my selling thread link below to check the photo of cyber dragoon.
I have a cyber dragoon in my thread. I'm also here in the states if that helps Smile