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Full Version: Share Bey Point Cheat Codes (closed)
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Does anyone knows a bey point cheat code,i only know some from this URL:
21 bey point cheat codes. And From This one too And From This One too

And From this Image too
if you have a Bey Pointer Please Use This Codes This is how you us it Press A To Turn it on then press A and B Then enter the code if it says ok The code work and if it says ng then it means you have used the code or invalid code,if anyone knows one code please tell me
BeyPointers are useless. Plus this is cheating, and we all know cheating is for no0bs.
Use the "Ask a question, get an answer" thread next time. You don't need a thread for this kind of stuff.
This Tread Is closed
Seriously, use this thread next time.