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Full Version: BeyFan's Buying Thread
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HMS (any colour unless stated otherwise):
- Lime Green Dragoon MSUV
- Slash Riger MS (white version)

- Burn Pisces
- Lightning Ldrago (black)
- Vulcan Horuseus

- Aries

RULES for my wants:
- I will ask for photos, as I need to see what I'm buying. So please, be prepared to provide photos
- Anything to do with prices must be done in PMs
- You can use this thread to inform me of beys that you have from my list, PMs are preferred
- I pay through PayPal only
- Will only be buying NIB/NIP beys (Dragoon MF Core is the exception to this rule)
I have Rock Aries and Rock Orso...Pm me
PM sent.
I have Midnight Bull, Fury Capricorn NIB. I could also get Hyper Aquario for you. PM me.
Sorry guys...gonna have to wait a bit until I can make purchases again. Gotta pay some other stuff off.
(Mar. 01, 2011  6:47 AM)BeyFan Wrote: [ -> ]Sorry guys...gonna have to wait a bit until I can make purchases again. Gotta pay some other stuff off.

I know you said you re not willing to buy for a while but I have NIP samurai changer i would like to sell and i have no problem in reserving it
I have also lime green and proto gray MSUV,Blue and orange dragoon MF.I don t really want to sell them.

Have also black lighting ldrago and a blue DZMF AR.
My friend has BBP and Fang PM me
Oops, sorry. Forgot to update this, already have BBP and Fang Leone on the way.
you have the money now ?
Hey man, I have the majority of the beys that your after for sale in my thread.

Full list of items for sale.
Thanks, sent you a PM. Right now, I'm more interested in getting HMS stuff.
Go to then go to beyblades and there is some beys you want
Plamoya offers high price instead of yja or direct seller here..thats why we here seldom buy from plamoya
If you want i've 2 or 3x Vulcan Horuseus NIB.
If you're interested please PM me,i'll give you pics if you desire them Smile
Sent you pm a while ago. Can you reply please?
Hmm, don't think I got it...
Right now, focusing on getting a white Dragoon MF core!
does it have to be white ?
Yeah, only after a white one. Just need a white one to complete my DGMF.
Wanting to only get a white Dragoon MF core, everything else will be bought later. So, for more, it is the core only!
Try wwqqwang. She has a lot of rare hms.
Already have asked her about a white DGMF core. Seems like no one has one for sale.
Though for those mfb beyblades, I have all you want Grin
Yeah, I will be getting them from you soon. I'm just more after a white Dragoon MF core right now.
Still after a white DGMF core. Will take a used whole white DGMF too.
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