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Full Version: Armored Core For Answer
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Hello all once again sorry I have not, been on I have been working a lot and working on school. Let me get to the point, does anyone here play Armored Core For Answer if not and if you are a hardcore AC fan. Then you should get this game.

The reason why is because, there is a lot more you can do with the AC's and I am sure in the future they might put downlable content on AC so you can have the newest parts etc.

Encloseing I would like to say personaly this game is great even though the graphics arent that great but from aside of that over all I say its a great AC game we have been waiting for and for and one who has a PS3 and if you added me then you will see me on.

My psn name is Big_Ben_Killa add me if you guys want to play so co-op in AC.