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Full Version: 1up Thread
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GFW Torrent:

1up FM:

nick suttner and some other unlucky ones are making podcast today yay
I dunno, I just said this to Brad and I think it applies here as well:

RainbowArmyRoan (7:04:14 PM): I dunno despite all of this
RainbowArmyRoan (7:04:21 PM): I'm anxious to see what happens with 1Up
RainbowArmyRoan (7:04:31 PM): I think the staff that are still there are trustworthy enough
RainbowArmyRoan (7:04:38 PM): But I dunno, it won't be the same
RainbowArmyRoan (7:05:00 PM): Its like when your favorite band has a lineup change and no one's left but the original lead singer
RainbowArmyRoan (7:05:16 PM): The music still sounds the same but its played by different people and there's a very subtle but noticeable difference