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Full Version: Destablisers
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HF doesn't stay in a flower pattern though...
really? it does for me... when my sliding shot works anyways
not as well as rf does
by the way i think i am gonna try to improve this to get on the WBO as a pridee thing ( and face) any suggestions and i have nothing better while kei's busy
(Feb. 22, 2011  9:24 PM)poseidon Wrote: [ -> ]Destabilises focus on knocking the beyblade off balance. They usually need thin metal wheels, low tracks and tips with slight aggressive movement such as SF and FS. Destabilises work best with stamina and defence types very low win rates wit hh attack types.
Top tier destabilizer combo flame cancer100SF this has been wolborg9 please write me back ANYONE PLEASE?
is rf awesome to be used in destabilizers
No it doesn't work in destablilsers read around and post in the appropreate thread
Alright honestly im sick of people asking questions about destablisers ; use the right thead and if the parts has potetial post here then so i can change it
can i have some advice it seems its not good enough but oboies saying anything
Can Flame Horuses S130 HF Be A Destabilizer?
Horuseus isn't really a good CW for it.

Might I suggest Escolpio, on rock, for example, it's slopes can make a mess of opposing beyblades. So yeah, it at least needs testing to check, but it's always worked well for me on rock, at least. Speaking of which, given it's good clear wheel exposure and stamina, rock should maybe be an option, especially as it's recoil concerns are lowered on low tracks.

That's all theoretical if this makes an article. MF L-Drago 90F has been the best destabiliser I've used as yet, though I'm using it more like a MF Meteo L Drago CH120XF kinda thing, due to the change in metagame.
Hey I personally think this is a excellent destablizer combo:
Basalt Horogium/Bull 100F
tell me what ya guys think
Destabilisers are an outdated idea, we've been discussing this in random thoughts. They were superseded by LTSC's, which made them useless, and then BD145 and 230 came along and made them totally pointless.

Destabilisation happens with any combo lower than it's opponent, so calling particular combo's "destabilisers" is also incorrect/silly.

We also need to stop recommending them in Build Me A Combo, as they're honestly useless.

This particular form of destabilising beyblades does deserve an article, as do wobblers and other niche/outdated combo's, but yeah, using them now is silly.

: Yeah, but basalt usually works better as a straight up defender, though moving quick does give it momentum, things like MF-H Basalt Kerbecs 230MF/WF are a better idea.

Horogium wouldn't be a destabiliser in this sense, but as it's a low bey, yes it would destabilise a number of oppponents.
anyway, Basalt doesn't destabilize, every hit it does it reduces the spin of the other bey...
Umm, anything hitting it's opponent from below will destabilise, actually.
Um... Yeah guys...
My point was that every hit Basalt does actually reduces the opponent speed and when the opponent is slowed down, the Basalt wheel actually goes down and destablizes the beyblade. So yeah.. It is a destablizer if you were to ask me, I even made tests with it, anyone who rejects me, try it out for yourselve first before talking to me
Oh, no, I don't doubt it destabilises it's opponents, but destabilisers aren't really a "class" any more, it's just something that occurs when a lower bey hits a taller bey. Some parts do it better than others, but yeah, there's no set "destabiliser" class Smile
What th!nk said, rofl.
Yeah, what Th!nk said Tongue_out
To help add, FB and MF are also awesome tips. FB has a whole in the middle of it as wide as hf/s, + the stablity of a ball tip. MF has more stamina than f, and stays in flower pattern longer, although it had less speed and defense.

Also, there should be some 4d beys added to the list.

It should also be mentioned in the terminology that destablizers generally do much better left spinning.
(Feb. 23, 2011  12:00 AM)Kei Wrote: [ -> ]"Destabilizers" do not need their own article on Beywiki. Destabilization is the result of the height of a Beyblade, and it need not to be mistaken as its own "type".


End it here.
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