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Full Version: 85 Track and Metal Face
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If anyone has a spare 85 track and any metal face to sell, please pm me. I am in USA with paypal ready.

I prefer to buy both things from one single person if possible.
I have a MF-Feather if u want it, I will pm u too. Offer me a price for it.
I rather buy a heavy metal face. Thanks anyways
(Feb. 17, 2011  11:25 PM)ZeroExia Wrote: [ -> ]I rather buy a heavy metal face. Thanks anyways

How much, I have it as well
BUMP. still looking for the 85 track
(Feb. 19, 2011  7:36 AM)X1 Wrote: [ -> ]Use TAGS such as [BUYING][TRADING].

It is already there ...
^ thank you, adding a prefix to this thread was the first thing I did before I started it. I did not want anyone to get onto me but...

Even a 90 track would be ok or I might just buy screw Capricorn