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Full Version: A new System: 4D, in Metal Fight Beyblade!
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TAKARA-TOMY has revealed the name of the new system of Metal Fight Beyblade as well as its name : 4D. This is what the four D's stand for :

Different Material
Divided Wheel
Dynamic Move
Deep Custom

The Track and Bottom are fused together in a currently unnamed piece. This could be the explanation, or at least the indicator of "Dynamic Move", as this new part appears to be very big.

There might be a slight portion of a new material in the Clear Wheel, but otherwise there is still no information about a concrete new different material used for these new Beyblades.

The Metal Wheel is indeed divided into at least two parts. A mode change is supposed to be possible but remains very unclear at the moment. Big Bang Pegasis' Metal Wheel has three parts, including one made of Polycarbonate.

The 4D System also comes with a different naming system, which currently does not seem to describe all of the parts of a Beyblade. For instance, if we analyse Big Bang Pegasis F:D, "Big Bang" should be the Metal Wheel, yet it has three parts but only two words. Pegasis (probably Pegasis III) should remain the name of the Clear Wheel. "F:D" is the name for the Track+Bottom piece, and stands for Final Drive.

The first few releases part of this new system are as follows :

BB-105 Starter Big Bang Pegasis F:D
BB-106 Fang Leone [?]
BB-107 Beyblade Introduction Set (tentative name)
BB-108 L Drago Destroy F:S
BB-109 Random Booster Vol. 7
BB-110 Beylauncher Cosmo Blue
BB-111 Beylauncher Army Green
BB-112 Karabiner Grip (Heat Red)
BB-113 (unknown Starter)

Starting at the end of March and beginning of April 2011 we will see this exciting new system along with a new season of Metal Fight Beyblade!