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Full Version: Selling Lot of Early BeyBlades (why are these selling for so much?)
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Hey, there!
I'm selling a lot of my beyblades, they've seen a tournament or two, but they're in alright shape.

Here's the link.

My question is, why are the bids getting so high? I started at 99 cents. I've been out of the loop for a while now, is there anything particularly great in my lot? Am I sitting on a gold mine or are these ebay people just crazy? My guess would be that the plastic generation isn't as desired since the metal ones perform better.

If anyone has questions about the lot, I can answer them here.

Do you sell them separately? I want Dranzer S, which is the Blue Attack Ring and Blue Bottom.
He can't sell them separately, people are already bidding on them on eBay. Also, there is no Dranzer S. I think you mean Dranzer F. And that isn't even a good bey, the design is nice though.
Thats sad =(. Dranzer F looks the same as S. I wish he made a thread about it first at WBO then Ebay. <--- Off Topic
Old plastic is a gold mine, man. I tried bidding on something just to get the Mobile V-Force stadium, and I got outbid. By $100.