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Full Version: Looking for a Couple Plastics and HMS
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I am looking to buy several things. Shipping to California, United States. I have Paypal and can send immediately.


-Gaia Dragoon V


-Phantom Fox
-Wolborg MS
-Samurai Changer MS
-Advance Striker
-Jiraiya MS
-Magical Ape MS
-Death Gargoyle MS
-Dragoon MF


-Orange Bull Clear Wheel (Flame Bull Hasbro)
-Infinity Libra Metal Wheel
-Metal Flat Tip

Will pay using Paypal. US sellers are preferred, but not mandatory. If you ask me to send payment as a gift please have some references or past buyers to vouch for you. I do not like assuming all responsibility as a buyer with no recourse able to be taken with Paypal because I am always asked to send as a gift.

PMed lol...about Gasher CW
Thanks but I'll pass for now.
Looking for TT Earth Aquila as well.
Im sure it is Burn Escolpio 100RF...correct me if im wrong
yep it is RF
(Feb. 23, 2011  9:44 PM)ShadowZoroark Wrote: [ -> ]Im sure it is Burn Escolpio 100RF...correct me if im wrong
Thank you, I will edit that right now.
I sent u a pm but I have an earth Aquila with special stickers I can sell u. I live in California.
I have brand new in box earth Aquila. Pm me with an offer.
I have a new Earth Aquila. But just PM me with a offer.
4 of my Beyblades
[Image: DSC02095.jpg]
Looking for Orange Bull Clear Wheel
I am looking to buy a Plastic Collection for around 50 USD.
I'm selling a lot of plastics right now, check out my selling thread. Link is in my signature.
i also have some...have voltaic ape,dranzer v2,seaborg,but loss their support part..XD
PM sent !
The plastics I'm currently selling will only be on sale here until Monday (Sunday night in the US, I think). So, if you want to be able to pick which beys you want, you need to get in contact with me ASAP. Whatever I don't sell here by Monday, I'll be posting on eBay, but they will be lots of my choosing.
Great buyer through paypal, very easy transaction. Paid very fast! Expect your items between today and next Wednesday.
Looking for a few plastics and any HMS
i have a bunch of plastics and a purple dranzer ms..
pm me offer..i'm not selling them cheap..but cyber dragoon battle spec is no longer available..
gaia dragoon v is still up for grab..
I've got all of the plastics you want. Pm me.
i have got the orange bull clear wheel and i don't use it often so im willing to sell or trade.
I've got these on eBay now:
Phantom Fox MS
Dark Leopard MS
Sorry that I can't sell both of them to you for $40US including shipping...
I m selling a magical ape without stickers for 25 euros including tracked shipping(airmail)
PM sent!