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Full Version: dragoon ms or dragoon msuv
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like tittle says im buying one of this two hms blades new or in good condition.

please pm me with an offer or post it here if your willing to sell it to me willing to pay 100 us dollars or lets make a deal.

i will pay from paypal.
wwqyang (If thats how u spell it) has Dragoon MS...ask her Smile
She has put it up on eBay. When I saw it, the starting price of the auction was around $112US.
I might be able to sell mine if someone doesn't pay by Saturday, it will probably go on eBay so u can bid there. It will start at $100 for bidding.
If you can use a middleman or Mail Order Japan, there is this auction:
(Feb. 11, 2011  5:26 AM)UnLeAsHeD Wrote: [ -> ]

mine Smile


hi there and really thanks for it ^^

mi ebay user is ironskader ^^.