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Full Version: UFL Football
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I know, it is kind of similar to the NFL thread, but this league has a different form of play, like the use of a 5 team league. It is a young league, but is doing very well.
It consists of:
The reigning champs: the Las Vegas Locos
Hartford Colonials
Virginia Destroyers
Omaha Nighthawks
Sacramento Mountain Lions.

This league will get a huge boost if a NFL lockout were to happen March 3rd, and the games are exciting, as everyone's a rival. This is an amazing league, and I that this thread stands to see some good discussion.

First off, it seems as if D.J Shockley, Russ Michna, Daunte Culpepper and a few other good NFL players are giving the UFL a boost. What do you think of it?
The Las Vegas Locos are looking three-peat, but the Omaha NightHawks immediately responded to their claims. A rivalry is born! Honestly, Daunte Culpepper wants Sacremento to trade him, and the Colonials seem interested. In other news, 45 UFL players have gotten active contracts in the NFL.
Argh!Protest Protest Orlando wants a team too Protest Protest

come on sacramento gets a carpin team but not us Argh!
More expansion teams are coming. The league wants 8 teams. So far, Hawaii, Orlando, Portland, OKC, and a few other cities are in consideration. D.J. Shockley will back up Jeff Garcia for the Omaha Nighthawks. C'mon, Omaha! Illinois seems to be in the running too...
It's not finalized. They have about 9 other cities to fight to get one of 3 spots.
This is why I watch the UFL. No cheating refs blowing easy calls. Note: The only person in agreement with the refs is Joe Buck. He is always wrong with this stuff, like him saying the Steelers were washed up, the Pats stank, and that Ndamakung Suh, and Sam Breadford would all suck.
Contracts got renewed, and the UFL is preparing for next season, now that the euphoria of a repeat is gone. Oh! you can see last year's games on the website!
The UFL is also looking at players for a "Professional Exempt" list, which would give each team an identity through consistent play, by allowing the teams to immediately know which players are released by the NFL, and to continue their draft through the free-agent markets.