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Full Version: What has Beyblade done for you?
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beyblade giving excitement and joy in life when i was young and kept me happy no matter what problem i may be facing. the main reason i beyblade is because i want to feel that certain joy beyblade has brought me. it made me happier than any thing else i ever got.
Its awesome to have so many people share their stories!
it made me want better beys that cost alot and that i can't get! it made my friends make fun of me! but most importantly it gave me a hobby! (i still want prehws libra though and doesn't look like i'm getting it anytime soon)
It has caused me pain where pain is not welcomed on a guy.....

It will make me money latter this month!
beyblade has made me been looked down upon from my peers lol. no one likes beyblade here, well hardly. some do
Quote:It has caused me pain where pain is not welcomed on a guy.....

It will make me money latter this month!
um i have no idea what that means
(Feb. 10, 2011  12:36 PM)CyberEagle Wrote: [ -> ]
Quote:It has caused me pain where pain is not welcomed on a guy.....

It will make me money latter this month!
um i have no idea what that means

i do, and trust me, you dont want to know

really it just made me a bit more social, i have learned i bit about constellations and a bit about physics, other than that it has taken away my money
@ lord wolfblade lulz im pretty shur i dont wanna know now.
It gave me broken fingers,scratches,cuts- the moral to me beyblade helped me MISS SCHOOL
it gave me more confedst in myself i that counts but i thing that back fired one me now i think i me lose a friend long sotry short we got in to a fight at shcool i havent seen him sents but he started it but before i had mt beyblades i used let people walk all over me
Smile It made me get closer to my freinds from my school before I moved.
It got me some freinds.
ummmm... It got me a hobby not on computers.
It makes me go out more to battle my freinds tournaments etc.
It got my dad to trust me more...
I gave me and my dad more topics to talk about...
Tongue_out Gave me something to work towards...
ummm need i go on?
no you dont need to go on.
Beyblades has made me get laughed at many times..................
(Feb. 09, 2011  2:31 AM)Bluezee Wrote: [ -> ]It has helped me AVOID punching people in the face and reverting to my old ways. I was always nice but people annoy me and I tend to hurt them by ANY means neccessary. I am naturally violent. I find people. Please dont laugh. I am serious.

Well....I have the same answer as Bluezee.....Except I'm a lot less nicer.

Also, it made me just surf the web all day.
beyblade is to me is a fun relaxing way to have fun
also a great collectible
i used to be a bakugan freak
eventully i found it boring (WHERES THE ACTION) i looked for something new
i found beyblade now im a addic
my friends think im weird but they also play they thinks its fun but not EPICLY COOL like i think
many people call me gay now or tease me because one of my friends was a loud mouth and told every one
i felt like punching sum one
but beyblades cool me down
when i play i feel relaxed and not angry
beyblades has changed my life good and bad
anyway i love just collecting i dont mind buying and never use them
the only person i play with is a person i used to go to primary with (im in year 7)
yeah in the end im just a person who loves it
its entertaniment for me. and yeah now i have a reason to save and shop on ebay ;D
It has given me a Fantastic pastime from soccer (My Life) but it's become more than that.
Its also made me spend 700$ in 4/5 months.
But yeah I love it.
Made all my money in my wallet diapear.
It gave me an A for my science project. I think all senior citizens should have Bey-Alert.
Beyblade also, made me do poorly in school.
i dont know, i had some ups and some downs for the years i beybladed. but one of the most importent thing some how i learned when beyblading was things happen for a reason. if you lost figure out why, if you lost your blade learn to start all over again. something about the drive was what really changed me. when i was a kid i was always sick. but beyblading helped me keep my mind off of the bad things.

stived to be the best.........cant say that now im just glad to play.
I had More Friends When I started To Play Beyblade
Trained and exercise like a demolition boy to get a ripped body.
beyblade changed my life but then i don,t like it
(Mar. 27, 2011  4:20 AM)black mage Wrote: [ -> ]beyblade changed my life but then i don,t like it

why not? after all you can only write what you wish to read. x)
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