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Full Version: Hasbro Combos - Attack, Defense, Stamina - Post Your Combos here! - HASBRO ONLY
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This is the 2nd time of myself starting a whole thread. Since most Bladers in America, like me, are Hasbro dependent, we are trying to make the best combos, since we CANNOT purchase such Takara-Tomy products. Lets get started here. Also PLEASE Do not close there doesn't seem to be an "Official" Hasbro combo thread.

Ok. To the basics, ANYONE with hasbro beyblades can post here. Please DO NOT discuss Takara Combos here since this is specialized for Hasbro ONLY. I do have some tests to release. You can post attack combos, defense, stamina and such. Please format your combo results with the battle name, and the percentage won.

THIS thread is for combo testing, results, AND requesting. I would be generous to test HASBRO only beyblades since most people use Takara's for requests. SO please post your combos, requests, and results here! ALSO it must be in a Hasbro stadium.

Taking all requests NOW!!!
Again, why are "American bladers" so self-centered ... Beyblade is international.

Anyway, this topic already serves all this purpose :