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Full Version: Beyblade Metal Fight Grips-What's your custom?
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here's my current grip setup :3
I got the LED Sight for Php200/$4 and the Metal Assist for Php100/$2 from a warehouse sale at Toy Kingdom in the Philippines Wink

[Image: 20121111_075132.jpg]
(Jul. 20, 2012  10:21 PM)Tri Wrote: [ -> ]I used to use...

-Launcher Grip (Grey)
-Beylauncher (Orange)
-Rubber Grip (Red)

Now I have to use Hasbro launchers because my Beylauncher broke a long time ago. I have a blue one, but it's fake... sadly.

Update! (just a little)

-Launcher Grip (grey)
-Beylauncher LR (UDX grey version)
-Rubber Grip (lost in the move Unhappy)
I use a Green 3 Segment Launcher Grip, a Red Grip Rubber, a Grip Support, an Angle Compass, a Metal Assist, and a Beylauncher LR (Red Mars Ver./Black Transparent from BB-97). I also use a Red and White Fight Club: Independence Day Card too..
I don't invest in launcher/grips/accessories much so here's mine-
Hasbro Custom Grip (removed angle compass)
LRLL2 (removed the clip that holds the alternate set of prongs). By removing those, does that make it illegal?
This is my setup
L/R beylauncher
Hasbro grip.
I use 2, 3 segment grip launchers taht hold a left spinning beylauncher and a right spinning beylauncher. But in febuary i'm getting the metal assist, launcher rubber and grip support.
I use a red hasbro launcher grip, grip suport, black grip rubber, red takara string launcher, with a black tool instead of the red one that came with it.
i got a new grip ;D
3 Segment Grip (dark blue)
Yellow String Launcher
LED Sight
Angle Compass
White Launcher Rubber
Red Black and White Grip Rubber (I mixed all 3 of the colors)
Grip Extension or Support
Black Hole Galaxy Pegasus Card
and Metal Assist
Thats my grip hopefully ill get a video up of it on here just to give a visual ;D
I use basic launcher might upgrade it later
-Gray launcher grip
-Orange string launcher
-Grip Rubber (white)
-LED sight
The reason for this is, Launcher grip so its easier to hold, grip rubber so I can grip it better. And the LED because I angle it away from were I'm aiming so people try to angle to hit me as my bey touches the stadium floor but often leads in them self-koing or messing up the launch pattern
I use this set up
.3 Segment grip (BBPDX set version)
.Beylauncher LR Black
.Red Rubber (Hasbro
.LED Sight
.Angle Compass
I personally use a white takara tomy grip w/grip rubber, handle extension, the finger guard, and angle compass. Launcher is an lr string launcher w/suspension.
That is, when it comes in.
I really use basic things right now

I use Beylauncher LR/L, and a 3 Segment grip. That is really it. I also use a custom Bey Point Card made out of paper.
My Grip is also basic,
3 segment Launcher Grip, L/R String Launcher(Translucent Black)...and a Custom BeyPoint card
My current set up is:

Hasbro - Launcher Grip
TT - Metal Assist
TT - Grip Extension
Hasbro - String Launcher OR TT - Beylauncher + Launcher Rubber

I hope to get a Beypointer and a Angle Compass soon.
My Right Spin Grip:
- 3 Segment Launcher Grip (Black)
- Bey Launcher R (Orange)
- Launcher Rubber (Red)
- Grip Rubber (Red)
- Grip Extension

My Left Spin Grip:
- Karabiner Grip (Gray)
- Bey Launcher LR (Gray)
- Launcher Rubber (White)
[Image: 20130414_002856_zps7aa9e6ef.jpg]

I've finally completed my fully geared 3 segment grip!!!
All those accessories get extremely annoying after a while, haha.

I have reverted to just using a Launcher Rubber and a String Launcher.
I'm a big guy so it doesn't bother me at all Wink
It's just the unnecessary weight, and angle of launch that bothers me.

Did you put batteries in the Extension?
yup...the extra weight of the accessories somewhat helps keep my hand steady cuz since I'm a big guy I sometimes launch so hard that my angles are sometimes if something does not work for you that doesn't always mean that it will do the same with other people.
i have a regular hasbro grip with red rubber but i need that grip extender thing
Green 3SLG, string launcher, gloves... There you go. Could someone sell me grip rubber? I'll buy it off you.
I just use my L/R string launcher but as soon as my galaxy pegasis dx set get's here I'll use Beylauncher L/R,R with a 3-segment-grip thats all I need Smile
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