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Full Version: Favourite dinosaur?
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So, whats yours?

Mine is the t-rex, the only one i can spell.

(finally, a dinosaur thread)
Science has ruined dinosaurs for me.
Ozraptor and Qantassaurus! They're real, I swear! Australia FTW!
thare is a bey blade nightmare rex
(Jan. 31, 2011  1:15 PM)black sol blaze Wrote: [ -> ]thare is a bey blade nightmare rex

This is the thread for real dinosaurs, not the Beyblade.

Consider this a warning for everyone who posts here.
Tyrannosaurus Rex,
The Meat Eater Though I am A Vegetarian.
I love the Micropachycephalosaurus because of its small size
Sorry, guys, but there's already a thread for this.

EDIT: Hasn't anyone who posted here made sure that there wasn't a simlar thread? Uncertain