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Full Version: My view of Gravity Perseus AD145 WD
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Hello WBO!
Recently, I acquired a gravity Perseus and decided to do some tests on it. As we all know, d, ad, and wd are some of the best stamina bottoms out there. I see wd as the better of the three, for it has the most wobble towards the end of it's spin. AD145 is a great track for stamina, and by my results better than 145. I tested AD145 on flame, earth and burn bull with wd tip, and I found it to be better than 145. The gravity wheel is very odd in it's design, not to say that it's bad. If you look on the underside of the wheel, below where you put the red dots, you see that the metal is thicker than on other parts of the wheel. This creates bad balance when used with a stamina track and bottom, like WD and AD145. But do to the shape of the gravity; it has rounded pronounced features, it is pretty good for force smash. It is only usable with the Perseus clear wheel, but with the right attack type bottom, it could be devastating. Overall, Gravity Perseus doesn't preform well, but when you separate the parts and match them to others that are top tier in that category, it makes up for it's overall preformance.
Combos that can be created with parts from Gravity Perseus:
Burn Bull AD145 D, SD, WD
MF-H Gravity Perseus 100 RF/R2F.....these are combos that I find affective.

-BurnAriesBlader....check me out on YouTube!!!!!!
not to burst your bubble dude buta most your info is either personal opinion or already know. a review is silly unless your the first to know about it.

I like however that your willing to take the time to make something someone might read

sorry that this probably will be closed Pinching_eyes_2
This belongs in "beyblade general".... if anything, please reuse other threads that pertain to the subject and talk there instead of making a new one. it makes things easier for the mods and more organized for all members
As we all know, d, ad, and wd are some of ...
Did you mean SD ?
Its Also Off-Topic.
This is coming from the new guy, but you never want to look like a new guy dude. Try scoping things out first so you don't come off as a complete ignorant moron.
Look on Beywiki ... Articles are not written like that at all ...
What Kai-V said, and, we already have a proper draft of Gravity Perseus up: