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Full Version: beyblade endurance combo(sharp/Metal sharp)mfb and plastic :)
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ok first is my endurance combo.
Beyblade: mecha rogue
bit:mecha rogue
AR:gekiryu-oh(2nd mold)
WE:10 wide
BB: metal draciel's (dont know name) metal sharp lol
when i tried it out against smashes in standard attack stadium, it seemed to stop them from spinning while staying in the stadium boosting good defense.
:went against: trygleAR, 10 wide, plain spin gear, SG flat

:also went against: master draciel AR, 10 wide, Draciel S bladebase(4 bearings) neo right spin gear Smile:::
won both battles.
my bro said it shouldn't be that good. he says i has a good launch (gattyaki) though i never do it in succession because i want a fair battle.

TrackGrin125(for better balance)
Bottom: ball sharp

for both just name off good parts i should use instead. since i have most of the beyblades anyways.
oops did it post it here? i thought i was in customizations...
if someone would be so kind as to move this id be greatful
He wanted me to add his other combo to the list which is Wolf105B.
(Dec. 13, 2008  4:33 AM)Pichuscute Wrote: [ -> ]He wanted me to add his other combo to the list which is Wolf105B.

wolf 105D
is the actual combo -.-
Aquario's Wheel has a better endurance than the Pegasis one :
Aquario D125 BS