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Full Version: Dark Aries H154 WB
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I just made a combo of aries facebolt, aquario fw, dark mw, H145 ST, and Wide ball Pt. I used it against a combo of Stegatario , and the l drago fw and lightning mw. I launched them in a pegiasis stadum, and as soon as they clashed, aries broke the s tip! a chunk of the the ring that held the tip onto the st broke off in the mittle of battle, and the tip whent flying! Both beys clashed again, the stgaterrio spinning on the hole of the st, and both flew out of the stadum! also, everything was hasbro. Has anyone ever have an similar experiance, or has used this combo?

Ummmmmm......I accidentially made two, can a mod close this for me?
Use an attack stadium and do results, and test against top-tier combo.
She's not doing a test du du du du read the whole post